Further leaked images appear to have opened yet more discussions and rumours about the shape, design and materials of the Apple iPhone 6, with many differences to what we have seen so far.

Previous leaks have suggested that the new Apple handset will be larger rather than simply taller – as was the case with the iPhone 5 – than its predecessor, while it was also believed that it would feature smoother curves and less of a clinical finish.

However, the new images published on a Korean news site named Joseilbo seem to suggest that what we've seen before may not be fully accurate – unless of course these new images are actually fakes. 

The site has shown that the phone will feature an alleged much smoother plastic back than we've seen on other pictures, while it also has a different flash configuration – vertical bar rather than simply the circle it was in the past.

On top of this, we've now had the first apparent confirmation that the phone could come with a white chassis this year – up until we had been treated to only black images of the upcoming device.

Other leaks have also emerged from the Australian MacFixIt blog, which has shown a green version of the handset, which is apparently closer to the dummy models that have been leaked already.

It's not clear whether the device is simply wearing a protective cover, but a move to a light green colour would be a bold one for Apple when it comes to its flagship.

Other features on the Australian blog seem to be closer to what we already thought we knew, though, with the round flash and two distinct antenna breaks in the rear casing returning from the dummy models.

The main difference here compared to the dummy models is the return of the Apple logo to the rear of the device, which has led to many speculating that this is the final production model's back plate from the Cupertino giant. 

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