For the first time, mobile phones have overtaken laptops as the most popular way to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots in the US, according to a report released by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

In 40 per cent of cases, people utilising internet points are mobile phone users, whereas portable PCs account for 39 per cent of connections. Tablet computers, like the Apple iPad, are used 17 per cent of the time.

Virgin Media Business director of wireless Kevin Baughan said: "This report shows us how far mobile technology has come – where the US leads, the UK usually follows."

Handset owners can take advantage of public hotspots, which are often free to use. It allows users to check emails, browse the internet and stream videos without using their telecommunications network data allowance.

As smartphones become more advanced and screens become larger, more people are turning to this device as opposed to their computer when they need to utilise the web.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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