Although consumers are willing to dispose of items – such as plastic and paper – in an environmentally-friendly way, more could be done to encourage them to recycle mobiles.

This is the conclusion of an article on Recycle, which pointed out that many individuals find it difficult to part with an old or unwanted handset.

Even if they do want get rid of such a gadget, a number of people do not know how to go about recycling the item, or that it is even an option in the first place.

The online resource stated: "Millions of phones around the world sit in desks or drawers unused when they could be recycled and parts can even be re-used."

Recycling mobiles can be a way to make some extra cash too – as many companies that dispose of such gadgets in an eco-friendly manner offer financial incentives to consumers.

In a recent article for the Express & Echo, waste and recycling manager for the East Devon District Council Paul Deakin outlined the importance of getting rid of unwanted items in a responsible way.

He explained mobile phones could be particularly damaging to the environment if they end up in landfill sites.

Recycle your old mobile phone to cash

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