Mobile phone technology may help new dads spend more time with their children, according to Orange.

A new survey released by the network indicated that 79 per cent of working men would consider taking part in a flexible working scheme rather than taking a full paternity leave if this was encouraged by their employer.

Orange’s research noted that many new dads are also concerned about money, but flexible working could help them juggle their work with their new addition.

But Martin Lyne, the network’s director of small and medium business, commented that bosses should do more to encourage the practice, as only ten per cent of men are currently taking advantage of flexible working.

He commented that this is particularly surprising given that there is now "so much technology" to enable it.

Smartphones, regular mobile phones, laptop computers and a broadband connection were all highlighted by survey respondents as the best technologies to use when working from home.

Figures published last month by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills indicated that 62 per cent of new dads are worried about the negative impact it will have on their child if they are not around when their baby is born.

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