People who work on the go could find they have plenty to gain from selling used phones and switching to one of Apple's top products.

Models such as the iPhone 4 – released in June last year – and the even newer iPad 2 can be ideal for businesspeople who want to catch up on tasks on the train, at home or even in bed.

Steve Hardt, a software engineer and author of the Google Mobile Blog, has revealed that there has been three upgrades made to the Google Sync software.

This allows consumers to keep their device's standard email tools in track with other platforms such as Gmail, Calendar and Contacts.

Mr Hardt explained that experts have now enhanced the search capabilities of Google Sync, added a function that means people can accept or reply to invitations in their mobile's diary and made it possible to send a message from different email addresses.

Google was in the headlines recently when Reuters reported that its Android products are among those to have overtaken Nokia models in the smartphone market.

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