Customers who choose to trade-in a mobile phone for money with Mazuma may find they are in profit should they opt for the T-Mobile Vibe as a replacement.

Asavin Wattanajantra, penning an article for CNET UK, explains the model is an attractive budget phone that can be purchased for about £40.

Featuring a 2.8-inch touchscreen, full qwerty keyboard and two-megapixel camera, the Vibe could be considered a top option by mobile users looking to spend within their means.

It comes in both pink and black, perhaps ensuring there is something for people of every style persuasion.

"Like a few others around this price range, the Vibe is geared towards young people who are looking for a cheap device that manages their social networking needs," the author notes.

All of the relevant sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and Myspace are pre-loaded and ready to go upon set-up.

Hannah Bouckley, writing for T3, recently named the HTC Wildfire as the top option for consumers on a budget.

Written by Mazuma

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