Some of the most enthusiastic mobile fans could be planning to trade-in their used phones in order to snap up a BlackBerry Storm 3, upon its possible release.

Rich Trenholm, writing for CNET UK, explains pictures have been leaked online of a device thought to be the newest model by the technology manufacturer.

However, its name is still largely a guess, with other rumours suggesting it could be known as the Curve Apollo or the Dakota.

But what Mr Trenholm is seemingly sure of is that the handset is the "threequel" to the Storm and Storm 2, both of which featured an "unusual clicking touchscreen".

No matter what its name, the upcoming release has some impressive specifications, including the use of 512MB of RAM, BlackBerry OS 6.1 and 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

Other ranges of mobiles offered by the innovative smartphone provider include its Storm, Torch and Bold titles.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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