People who trade-in a mobile over the coming months may be in a position to splash out on HP's first smartphone.

Asavin Wattanajantra, writing for CNET UK, explains the company has decided to launch the Palm Pre 2, after taking over Palm.

Since its acquisition, he notes HP has had a "ready-made" operating system on which to run a smartphone and has chosen to do so in the form of the model.

The previous company developed the platform, known as webOS 2.0, which has now been updated by its buyer.

"Palm handsets never really caught the public's imagination, but with marketing and distribution support from a bona fide technology giant, there's another mighty hat in the ring," suggests the author.

The new phone will also feature a system called Just Type, allowing users to perform tasks such as sending emails and searching pages through tapping the keypad.

In other new releases, HP last month announced the upcoming launch of a range of notebook computers.

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