People who spend a lot of time driving overseas, whether for work or leisure, could find they have plenty to gain from trading in their mobile phone and switching to a device that supports Google Maps.

That is because the search engine has confirmed routes and layouts of some 13 extra countries have now been added to the tool, according to the Google Mobile Blog.

Among the nations to have been installed on the feature are Ireland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland.

People with Android, iOS or mobile browsers will be in a position to view not only the maps but also the latest traffic information, which could be invaluable when motoring in unusual surroundings.

One of the latest features of Google Maps is the ability to divert your journey to miss out on blocks of traffic.

Nokia Conversations recently identified Waze and Poynt as top apps for drivers with one of the Finnish brand's mobiles.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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