People who trade-in a mobile phone for money with Mazuma could put the cash towards signing up to a deal with the network Three for a Nokia N8.

The recently released model will be available from the firm immediately, adding to its portfolio of the latest smartphones.

Sylvia Chind, head of brand devices at Three, says it is important for the firm to offer its customers all the newest mobiles on the market.

Commenting on the handset's web browsing potential, she adds: "The new features of Symbian 3, particularly how it makes the most of widgets, means a strong 3G network is needed to support all the live streams of data they use."

Among the highlights of the Nokia N8 are its 12-megapixel camera, high-definition video recording technology and 3.5-inch highly-responsive touchscreen.

Three last week announced it is set to stock another of the most-coveted phones around at the moment – the HTC Desire HD.

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Posted by Sarah James

Written by Mazuma

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