Mobile recycling is something people with children need to consider as it could be vital to their future, one expert has advised.

A spokesman for Walsh Wireless Solutions, a US-based provider of Wi-Fi systems, said anyone looking to make a difference in the world should consider the environmental damage sending an old handset to landfill can do.

Chris Walsh, chief executive and co-owner of the company, said his own personal investment in the planet is through protecting the world his kids have been born into.

"Assisting in the recycling of old cell phones to reduce toxic landfill waste is important," he said.

Mr Walsh went on to say both he and his company would "see the value in doing the right thing – and take steps to recycle their phones".

In a recent post on the Gaj-it website, it was noted that trading in an old handset is an ideal way to pay for an upgrade.

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