Calls for more regular and standardised mobile recycling and electronics reuse processes have been made by one industry expert.

A spokesman for the Solving the E-Waste Problem organisation, a United Nations group that aims to increase awareness in the field, said it was important for everyone to have easy access to these facilities.

Ruediger Kuehr, executive secretary of the global public-private initiative, explained consumers all over the world were now faced with the task of finding a proper way of disposing with unwanted gadgets.

In addition, Ramzy Kahhat of the Centre for Earth Systems Engineering and Management at Arizona State University commented that the faster these items are recycled, the better.

He added: “It’s vitally important … to get unwanted devices into re-use before they get too old and damaged to be re-conditioned.”

Recycling mobile phones can also be a way of generating the cash needed to trade up to the latest models – like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy.

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