Selling an old mobile phone could be an option that is worth considering if you would like to make an upgrade to a handset such as the HTC HD2.

Mobile recycling with Mazuma could provide consumers with a little extra cash and also help to protect the environment.

Some people may be reluctant to switch from their existing phone because of concerns that the battery life of their new device will not be up to the same standard due to the large screen and multiple features.

Users of the HTC HD2 have been offered some tips from website Know Your Mobile about how they can preserve the battery life of their phone.

It suggests that switching off Wi-Fi can stop it draining power and states that if people are not connected to the internet then “there’s no need to have it on”.

HTC recently also launched the Desire and suggested it is “virtually the same smartphone as the Google Nexus One and features the Android Eclair operating system and HTC Sense”.

Sell your old mobile phone now

Posted by Ryan White

Written by Mazuma

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