A new initiative has invited people who may have traded in an old Sony Ericsson W705 or Samsung Omnia for charity to see how mobile recycling is helping fund charities.

Between Monday August 24th and Saturday August 29th the Mall in Barnsley will set up a temporary shop where visitors can make donations and see how effective they are in keeping the nearby hospice doing its work.

The Sheffield Star reports the move forms part of a wider initiative by the town to encourage people to do more recycling and get involved in other eco-friendly, charitable programmes.

Dawn Charlesworth, a spokeswoman for Barnsley Hospice, said the initiative will also provide the chance for locals to take part in its Gift Aid scheme.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the public to come along with their donations and see how much hard work goes in to getting [items] out on to the shop floor,” she added.

One way consumers could arrange their own charitable event is to recycle mobilephones.

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