Mums and dads who recycle mobile phones and switch to the latest smartphones will find such a move triggers a number of possibilities when it comes to family time.

A new study by PopCap, carried out in conjunction with Goldsmiths University, found that enjoying games and apps together improves relations between parents and their offspring.

Indeed, it concluded that four in five parents feel that video games provide an opportunity for "quality time" together.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, reader in psychology at the university, said: "The fact that both parents and grandparents are using games to connect with their children and grandchildren – and quite successfully – suggests that video games can improve social skills."

A third of parents said they play games with their kids every day, many of whom may opt for an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S or HTC Desire in order to do so.

The Apple product is a particularly popular model among consumers, with the company recently announcing it expects to sell 95 million units in 2011.

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