Students who opt for mobile recycling in order to raise some cash and rid themselves of an old device can enjoy a range of top apps should they invest in a smartphone as a replacement. has compiled a list of its five greatest apps for those in education.

It started by recommending Skype – the free telecommunications tool that allows youngsters to call their friends and family via the internet.

Another title to make the cut is Vouchercloud, which provides discount codes for a number of goods and services, as well as Google Maps 5.

Making up the list is budgeting app iXpenselt and Mobile Allowance, which is designed to help people keep up with their available minutes and texts.

"Apps are a particularly useful innovation, offering students useful benefits to suit their lifestyle when they aren't trying to beat their top Angry Birds score," said the website's Dominic Baliszewski.

Nikki Moore, founder of, recently said the vast range of apps on offer in the modern world is a huge plus.

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