Mobile recycling is one of the more important aspects of environmental awareness that has been touched on by one expert.

According to a spokesman for Recycle Now, an organisation that looks to promote greener living through the reuse of unwanted materials, consumer hunger for gadgets is something which is generating a great deal of waste.

Gerrard Fisher said the growth in this area can be seen in the four hundred thousand tonnes worth of small electronics goods that are purchased across the UK annually.

“This Christmas it is anticipated that we are going to spend over seven billion pounds on [such] items. This is exactly why we want to increase people’s awareness of how to recycle their old goods,” he added.

Mr Fisher’s comments could encourage more people to consider recycling mobile phones, particularly if they are expecting a new handset for Christmas.

Recent Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs figures revealed more than 40 per cent of people recycle plastics at home but not at work.

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