New calls for reduced levels of waste at UK landfills may buoy many to consider recycling mobile phones.

A new handset like the Samsung Galaxy i7500 could be one benefit of taking part in such as scheme, but helping the planet by cutting the amount of plastic and lead that needs to be disposed of is another.

Envido issued a statement this week calling on businesses and households to help curb waste in a bid to meet EU landfill targets and tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ifti Akbar, co-managing director at the firm, said: “Our waste to energy policy ought to be better focused. Unfortunately, the government has not reached consensus about how to encourage the use of waste biomass.”

The comments follow a survey that suggested the UK could expect fines of up to £180 million if it is unable to meet the EU standards by 2010.

Consumers could help do their bit by recycling mobiles – and could generate some cash in the process.

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Written by Mazuma

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