Comments suggesting changes to current voice call pricing structures will be bad for consumers are familiar, it has been advised.

O2 recently spoke out about Ofcom’s proposals to revise the way mobile termination rates are calculated were "inconsistent with European and domestic law".

It was said if these fees – which occur when individual networks are required to carry calls from other carriers – were altered, it would be consumers on low incomes that would lose out.

However, a spokeswoman for the Terminate the Rate campaign, which is backing the telecommunications watchdog’s plans, said O2’s fears were familiar.

She explained 2002 saw similar changes and, despite suggestions at the time that the general public would suffer, it was proved not to be the case.

"The good news is that the rates were reduced by Ofcom then and prices came down and more people than ever use mobile phones," the spokeswoman said.

Previously, the Guardian reported O2 was worried higher monthly contract fees, handset prices and use-by dates for top-up credit could be expected as a result of any structural rate changes.

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