Recent research in the mobile phone market has revealed the memory cards provided with new handsets when you trade in your mobile are getting bigger.

The capacity of the in-the-box memory cards that come with new mobile phone handsets is now up to 8 GB in some cases, according to ABI Research.

Previously, even the largest memory cards provided were likely to be between 512 MB and 1 GB in size.

The findings comes from an ABI Research study of mobile phone accessories and could prompt some handset owners to consider upgrading to a new phone with more storage space for messages, music or video files.

Now could be the ideal time to trade in your mobile, as ABI Research predicts that memory cards could begin to rise in cost in the months to come.

Charlo Carabott, spokesperson for Mazuma Mobile, recently suggested that recycling mobile phone handsets should be done sooner, rather than later, to make sure that upgrading to a new model does not have a negative impact on the environment.

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