Consumers will spend £3.5 billion this Christmas as they make purchases through or because of their mobile phone.

Shoppers will not only make online orders – using price comparison websites and money-saving tools on handsets will also spur on transactions, Deloitte believes.

Those visiting retail stores in city centres across Britain could use barcode scanning apps in order to compare prices of products.

Other downloadable tools, which are available through virtual shops like the App Store and Google Play, allow users access to voucher codes which save money on the high street.

Using smartphones to browse and buy gifts over the holiday season could be more convenient, as it allows shoppers to avoid queues and have items delivered directly to their door.

Websites and apps also allow people to make supermarket shops, eliminating the stress of filling the festive trolley.

Those planning to visit friends and family this December could even book train tickets using their mobile phone.

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