Taking a mobile phone abroad may now be a common occurrence for many travellers, but some could be losing out on making the most of their device in foreign lands.

Indeed, the words of Ian, author of the Nokia Conversations blog, may even inspire some to recycle their old phone and invest in a brand new smartphone.

The writer suggests mobiles can be used around the world to help people enjoy their trips, thanks to scores of translation services and information.

"One of the great advantages of apps on a mobile device is that they are always with you – even when you’re abroad," Ian states.

He points to apps such as ABBYY Linvo, which allows users to take pictures of text in another language and have it translated into English, as well as Dictionary & Translation Pro as being just right for mobile owners heading overseas.

Nokia has a range of devices on which the apps could be compatible, such as the recently released 5250.

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Posted by Dan Latham 

Written by Mazuma

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