Drivers with the latest mobile phone could soon find they are able to control their car by using an app on their handset.

Charles Kloet, writing for CNET UK, explains a US firm is currently creating a feature that will allow motorists to use their device as a remote control for a vehicle.

The app, which is named Autobot, will work when a small attachment is fixed to the diagnostics port within a car or van.

It is being designed to offer services such as opening and locking the doors, adjusting the windows, releasing the boot and even starting the engine.

"AutoBot … should appear on the shelves of US retailers in 2012. Hopefully, it'll make it to the UK soon after. The system is expected to cost $300 (£190)," explains Mr Kloet.

Earlier this week, Android said it had reached the landmark of one million apps on offer to its customers.

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