People who sell their mobile phone and invest in a new model in time for their summer holiday may be excited about using their latest device while abroad.

But has warned such consumers they should be extremely careful about just what they will be charged for sending texts, making calls and browsing the web.

Earlier this month, the European Commission’s new regulations on how much operators can charge for data roaming came into effect.

However, it is worth noting that these rules only apply to the European Union, so when visiting countries outside the eurozone it is still possible to be hit with a hefty bill.

Mike Wilson, manager of mobiles at the website, said: “It is vital consumers are fully up to speed with the charges that could be levied on them should they use their phone whilst on holiday and do what they can to combat arriving home to an expensive bill.”

The European Union recently suggested consumers could soon be offered deals that are separate to their contract at home specially for foreign trips.

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