A high number of mobile phone users are now looking at broadband access as a must-have when it comes to selecting their next device.

Edd Dawson, editor of broadband.co.uk, suggested the rise of smartphones is very much behind the similar progress made by internet connectivity on handsets.

He noted the last year has been a "real boost" for mobile broadband providers, as demand for the technology has surged.

Commenting on the reasons for the rise in usage, Mr Dawson stated: "It's people using iPhones and the Android phones and using the internet on their phone as they're going along."

The expert admitted mobile phone-based web use is still not quite as quick or reliable as fixed connections in homes, but it is heading in the right direction.

Recent research and an infographic by Microsoft Tag found that mobile internet usage is likely to overtake desktop web activity by the year 2014.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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