Mobile recycling might be an option worth considering for people wanting to get their hands on the iPhone operating system (OS) 4.

Apple recently revealed the iPhone OS 4 would have new features including multitasking for third party apps, folders for improved organisation and improved mail with a unified inbox.

James Zielinski, co-founder of, stated the biggest upgrade of multi-tasking “is only available to Apple 3GS their latest model phone. This will be a bug bear to many users of the first and second generation, the iPhone 3G forcing them to upgrade their handset if they want this ability”.

He added this was due in part to the fact the 3GS has a faster processor which may leave a “poor, sluggish experience” if older models were able to multi-task.

Almost a third of people are now increasingly using their device to email and use social networking websites to talk to their loved ones, according to research from Flip Video.

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