People who use Facebook on their mobile phones have been offered some tips on how to ensure they are never stressed out by the social networking portal.

Research by Edinburgh Napier University found a large number of friends can lead to a bad mood – so the first step many consumers may like to take is to cull any unrequired contacts from their database.

"An overwhelming majority of respondents reported that the best thing about Facebook was keeping in touch, often without any further explanation," says Dr Kathy Charles, who led the study.

Many users noted they often feel anxious when using the site, while 63 per cent admitted delaying accepting new friends.

To ensure the smooth running of Facebook, people may like to trade in their current mobile and invest in a new phone.

It could also be worth switching to the network Three, which topped the last YouGov poll on mobile broadband to be named the best provider of web services in the UK.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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