Mobile phone customers who dream of the opportunity to use one of Nokia’s popular models on the Android operating system could soon see the option become a reality.

Stuart Dredge, writing for CNET UK, explains comments from the Finnish brand’s chief executive officer Stephen Elop appear to have raised the possibility.

It would be the first time Nokia has launched mobiles that do not run on its own platform – Symbian – or with its MeeGo software.

And Android is not the only option should the company divert from its own technology, as Mr Dredge speculates another realistic choice is Windows Phone 7.

“Elop joined Nokia from Microsoft last year, so linking up with his old mates might seem the obvious deal,” he writes, adding the downside to this is that the computer giant is “pretty rigorous” about how its operating system is used, so there may not be the potential for Nokia to put its stamp on any models released.

Among the high-profile Nokia phones on the market are the C7 and the N8, both of which were released in 2010.

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