Mobile phones are increasingly becoming something the British public cannot live without and many are using them for far more than simply making calls.

New research by Lloyds TSB shows one-in-four now feel their mobile is the most important item in their life, while 75 per cent have explored the range of functions devices have to offer beyond telecommunications.

Some of the most popular uses include employing a phone as an alarm clock, camera and calendar.

Meanwhile, on-in-five people now use their model as a music player, while for ten per cent it is a satellite navigation system.

Jatin Patel, personal current account director at the bank, says: "It is clear that we are all relying more and more on our mobile phones, and investing more money in them as a result."

Dan Grabham, deputy editor at TechRadar, recently praised the emergence of financial apps available to iPhone users, which include tax calculators and National Insurance assessment tools.

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