Mobile phone customers who opt to use a Nokia N8 have so much more than just a standard camera on their hands when it comes to taking pictures and shooting videos.

Haje, writing the latest post on the Nokia Conversations blog, says the versatile technology can be employed in a number of ways.

He offers eight different ways of filming with the device, each creating a different effect.

The writer starts by suggesting long shot mode to add a feeling of travel, while establishing shot can be used to give people context.

Other tactics include full shot, close-up, two-shot, over-the-shoulder shot, medium-shot and reverse-angle shot.

“Each of these eight shots has its own advantages and challenges, but you soon get a feel for what works best for the mood you are trying to create,” Haje states.

The Nokia N8 features a 12-megapixel camera and the latest video recording technology on the market.

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