The words of one expert could persuade many consumers to sell mobiles and invest in devices that provide them with super-fast broadband.

Clodagh Murphy, director of Eclipse Internet, said the role of hi-tech connections is even more important in the business world.

She suggested broadband is a cost-effective option, with its fastest and most reliable versions among the best to choose.

"I certainly think that over the next couple of years, we will see the numbers increase dramatically as areas become enabled. That said, if it's not yet available, businesses need another option," Ms Murphy stated.

Using broadband on mobile devices and on computers could be one way to boost the chances of remaining connected at all times.

The industry insider went on to note the importance of researching possibilities and finding out what is the best solution for a particular firm.

Edd Dawson, editor at, recently said that many people now consider top-quality internet to be essential.

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