Mobile phone text messaging is the main method of communication used by Brits to keep in touch with family and friends.

More than 58 per cent of people in the UK claim that SMS is the principal way of conversing with loved ones on a daily basis.

Texts have trumped communication face-to-face, over the telephone and through websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Smartphones offer owners a variety of ways to correspond with others, and much of the time sharing a message can be free.

Users can download VoIP, email and social network applications, but it seems many prefer to stick to the traditional SMS.

A vast proportion of modern telecommunications contracts include unlimited SMS allowances, and it seems that consumers are taking advantage.

Text messages can be useful for future reference, as mobile phone owners are able to look back and check what time was agreed for a meeting, for example.

This service usually also allows the sharing of images, videos and links, so the multimedia aspect will appeal to many Brits.

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