Consumers considering mobile recycling in order to upgrade to receive cash to put towards a new handset could be interested to hear that new measures to improve mobile phone security have been announced.

The Home Office has given its approval to three new design innovations aimed at tackling mobile phone crime, including a device that locks a phone and makes the owner aware if it is taken away from them.

Research that has recently been undertaken at the University of Leicester highlights criminals are switching from the more traditional household burglaries to personal muggings.

Natasha Stokes, editor of Mobile Choice magazine, said: "It’s not likely that phone manufacturers will preload or bundle this app across the board, but it will probably become easily available on several mobile platforms."

She added that the market for mobile security will increase due to more widespread use of smartphones and the likelihood that they could be used for bank transactions.

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Posted by Paul Whalley

Written by Mazuma

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