There has been a large increase in the number of online searches performed for mobile phone recycling in the UK, a new study has revealed.

With new handsets such as the iPhone and G1 hitting the market within the last year, almost three times as many people are considering recycling their phone, according to figures from Hitwise.

It found searches increased by 189 per cent in the week ending May 16th, compared to the corresponding week last year.

The research also found actual visits to mobile phone recycling sites grew even further – up 205 per cent between April 2008 and 2009.

Hitwise noted the rise in interest may have been as much to do with finances as anything else, explaining searches with the words "for cash" have quadrupled.

Meanwhile, Forsyth News has reported local schools have collected almost 15,000 used phone books as part of environmental operations to keep the county tidy.

The total is up around 50 per cent on last year’s figure – showing an increased interest in recycling in the area.

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