The UK is not the only place where mobile phone recycling is taking place – Uganda is the latest country where used handsets are being handed over.

Phone manufacturer Nokia has started a drive to recycle old mobiles in the east African country in a bid to lessen pollution.

Dorothy Ooko, the company’s communications manager for east and southern Africa, told the Daily Monitor that emissions caused by burning old mobiles were causing dangerous carbon dioxide gases.

These, she added, were responsible for droughts, changing weather patterns and other factors associated with global warming.

"You will be able to save the world from so many carbon emissions," Ms Ooko explained and remarked that recycling mobiles would make the environment a "better place".

According to Nokia, there are a few things to bear in mind before people recycle used phones.

These include making sure any personal details or data is backed up on another device or PC, removing memory and SIM cards and deleting any information off the handset.

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