The number of young drivers checking their social networking profiles on mobile phones while behind the wheel has increased markedly in the last year.

According to figures released by RAC, there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of people aged between 25 and 44 getting distracted behind the wheel by their mobiles.

The insurance provider warned the temptation to quickly check your phone is rapidly becoming the “new breed of motoring offence”.

A poll of more than a thousand drivers found that over 40 per cent of motorists said they wanted to see a ban for illegal mobile phone use.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe recently indicated that he believed people should receive six penalty points for using their handsets while behind the wheel.

Technical director at RAC David Bizley added: “These offences don’t yet have the same social taboo that drink-driving now holds, which thanks to years of concerted campaigns has continued to decrease as a problem.”

Posted by Claire Marshall

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