People are beginning to make calls and send text messages less and less frequently with their mobile phones as they prefer to spend their time surfing the internet.

On average, smartphone owners now spend over two hours a day using their phones, according to O2’s All About You Report, which studied the way in which consumers use their handsets.

The research found that making calls is now just fifth in a ranking of the things mobile phones are used for, while sending text messages has dropped to seventh.

Technology research company Ovum recently stated that texts contributed around 57 per cent of non-voice revenues for operators globally in 2009, however, this figure is estimated to fall to 47 per cent this year.

Analysts suggest this figure will continue to fall with the advent of the smartphone.

General manager of devices for O2 in the UK David Johnson said a person’s smartphone “now plays a far greater role in all aspects” of their life.

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