People who regularly use their mobile phone to access Google Maps and Google Earth will soon be able to view 3D representations of entire cities.

Brian McClendon, vice president of engineering for Google Maps, revealed in a blog post that the innovation is part of an initiative to improve the comprehensiveness, accuracy and usability of the company's mapping technologies.

The addition of 3D models of entire metropolitan areas to Google Earth has been made possible by a combination of new rendering techniques and computer vision.

Mobile phone users will be able to view cityscapes featuring buildings, terrain and even landscaping details from a 45-degree angle.

Google aims to provide 3D coverage of cities with a combined population of 300 million people by the end of the year.

The tech giant also announced its maps will be made available offline for Android phone users within the next few weeks.

Reports have suggested that one of the reasons for Google's new features and improvements is Apple's intention to launch its own mapping application.

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