Those who are eager to access video content on their phone could sell their old mobile and use the proceeds to pay for a more advanced model.

Many of the handsets on the current market, such as the Samsung i900 Omnia, are able to display this type of medium and could therefore be potential purchases for people who want to upgrade.

According to a recent report, some 534 million people are expected to be paying for mobile video content in the next five years.

Pyramid Research said in its publication that operators are going to have to up their creativity in the next few years to meet this demand.

“Mobile players are making network upgrades, reducing data charges, improving content and offering more advanced handsets,” added Derek Medlin, a senior analyst at the organisation.

Other models available at the moment offer certain features that make surfing the net or browsing YouTube much simpler than in previous years.

The Apple iPhone 3G has various applications and the forthcoming Nokia N97 is expected to include lots of widgets for easy access to social networking sites.

Trade-in your old mobile phone for cash

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