Almost 43,000 mobile phone owners have pledged their support for the abolition of mid-contract price rises through a Which? petition.

Increasing sophistication of devices means that the cost of top-end products has rocketed – the Apple iPhone 5 is priced at a lofty £529.

Many gadget lovers hoping to get their hands on the best smartphones have therefore turned to contracts, which can allow them to pay for the handset through a monthly fee.

This service can also be beneficial above Pay As You Go because it often allows customers to use more minutes, texts and data for a lower price.

Shoppers usually sign two-year contracts and expect to pay the initial amount stated, but some operators are guilty of including small print which allows them to hike the charge.

People who signed up for a £30-per-month deal can therefore end up unexpectedly shelling out more, and this has left many people disgruntled.

Which? has therefore launched the Fixed Means Fixed campaign in order to encourage Ofcom to introduce legislation to protect customers from mid-contract price increases.

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