Learning through a mobile phone may be a possibility that is tempting to many people of all ages.

Indeed, some education institutions such as schools and universities could be in a position to offer handheld technology in a bid to help their students’ progress.

By selling old mobile phones and investing in Apple devices, this could be a realistic proposition.

The mobile manufacturer has recently passed 300 million downloads of its iTunes U content, which offers tutorials from some of the world’s leading education outlets.

It has achieved the figure in just over three years, with more than 350,000 video and audio files now available to iTunes users.

“With such a wide selection of educational material, we’re providing iTunes users with an incredible way to learn on their computer, iPhone, iPod or iPad,” says Eddy Cue, vice-president of internet services at Apple.

In June, the firm released its iPhone 4, of which 1.7 million were sold within three days of the launch.

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