The new Motorola Atrix may be such an exciting new release in the phone market that some consumers decide to trade-in their current mobile in order to purchase it.

However, with high-level technology comes complications, which is why CNET UK's Nick Hide has compiled an article explaining how exactly the handset works.

He begins by admitting he was initially baffled by the model, although also highly impressed with the "powerful beast".

Its manufacturer claims it is the strongest and most hi-tech mobile in the world, although its 960×640 pixels camera is just short of that offered by the iPhone 4.

"What sets the Atrix apart from other Android phones is webtop. This is a whole other operating system that comes into play when you plug the Atrix into a dock," explains Mr Hide.

As well as the Atrix, Motorola offers a number of mobile ranges, including the Milestone, Aura and Defy.

Posted by Samantha Green

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