People who are thinking of buying the new Google Nexus S upon its release – possibly after selling their existing mobile phone – have been handed a boost after its manufacturer knocked £120 off the price.

Flora Graham, writing for CNET UK, explains Google has taken the decision even before the model is released, meaning it now undercuts its main rival – the Apple iPhone.

Carphone Warehouse, which has an exclusive right to retail the handset, will now be charging £429.99 instead of £549.99.

"The Nexus S won our hearts with its unique curved screen, which looks stunningly bright and sharp. We also love its powerful Android operating system," Ms Graham states.

She goes on to suggest those who do sign up to use the device will benefit from rapid updates from Google, as it is not under the influence of a specialist phone manufacturer.

Kenzo Fong Hing, product marketing manager and author of the Google Mobile Blog, recently announced the Nexus S had gone on sale in the US.

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