An unexplained charge on a mobile phone bill led a consumer to uncover a loophole on the sign-up system for a number of premium rate services.

Consultant Mark Hole found that he could sign up anyone for premium rate services from content maker Buongiorno.

All he needed to know in order to exploit the loophole was a user's phone number and whether they were a part of the Orange network, BBC News reports.

Buongiorno is worldwide mobile commerce ecosystem that allows the development and management of paid apps and services.

The firm said it quickly closed the loophole once it was discovered and it has no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Mr Hole's suspicions were raised when viewing his bill online and noticed there were weekly charges on it.

A spokesman for Buongiorno added: "There was a bug in the system. When that was found out, we very quickly moved to pin it down, find out what happened and stop it from happening again."

Posted by Claire Marshall

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