Mobile phone applications are turning into a key advertising platform, as apps are becoming increasingly popular among consumers around the world.

In-app spending by advertisers in the US and western Europe is set to overtake money spent on display ads on mobile websites this year, according to Strategy Analytics.

The number of apps downloaded globally is expected to grow 38 per cent to more than 32 billion in 2012, with advertising spending set to increase to $2.9 billion (£1.79 billion).

There have been calls for firms to responsibly put a cap on the amount of spending that can be done on an application after a number of parents sued Apple over in-game charges.

"Advertisers chase eyeballs, so the fact that brands spend more on in-app advertising than the mobile Web is a clear sign that apps are what consumers are glued to for an increasing range of activities," commented director of wireless media strategies at Strategy Analytics David MacQueen.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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