Everything seems to end up on mobile phones at the moment as the popularity of apps booms.

Just this week the creators of Fruit Ninja announced their game had been downloaded 300 million times.
<br/>The smartphone has put the internet in people’s pockets so they can now watch movies, read books, do their grocery shopping and keep up with their friends on social networks while on the move.

But it is rare to see a mobile phone app migrate to the traditional media platform of television.

This is what is happening to hit mobile download Draw Something, however, as it is being turned into a major US television show.

Draw Something is similar to Pictionary, but allows people to connect and compete with their friends while they are on the move.

The hit game was snapped up for a cool $180 million just seven weeks after it was launched and has proved extremely popular with mobile phone owners.

Speaking to the Independent on Sunday about the migration of apps to the silver screen, deputy editor of T3 Matt Hill said: “I think there will be more television and films coming from apps as they become more and more high profile.”

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