People described as "uber searchers" may wish to trade-in a mobile in favour of an Android-powered phone, as there is now an intriguing app available for the models.

Flora Graham, writing for CNET UK, says the Google Reader app will make it easier for people who conduct large searches of the internet to bring material on a chosen topic together.

While there were already a number of tools claiming to do this on the market, the expert notes it is "nice" to see an official app confirmed.

"The app syncs with your Google Reader account to download the latest news from your RSS feeds. That means you can subscribe to feeds by adding them in your browser," states Ms Graham.

In addition to this, the function will allow people to follow the accounts of their friends, meaning they can keep up to date with what pals are interested in.

Among the brands to have released mobiles that run on Android are HTC, Acer and LG.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Written by Mazuma

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