The emergence of contactless payment technology has given consumers another reason to sell used phones in order to snap up the latest models on the market.

A new study by Juniper Research has concluded that the mobile payments for physical goods sector will grow to be worth $170 billion (£109.5 billion) by 2015 – almost three times as much as it is valued at this year.

One significant contributing factor to the growth will be retail apps, allowing smartphone users to shop at their favourite stores via a downloadable tool.

“Juniper believes that mobile campaigns must be tightly linked to print, online and store based campaigns to ensure consistency of customer experience,” noted senior analyst David Snow.

Those who wish to secure a new dress, washing machine or DVD player via their mobile may have to sell used phones in order to fund the purchase of a device that offers such apps.

Orange and Barclaycard last month announced they had teamed up to launch the Samsung Wave 578 – which supports contactless payment technology.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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