Those who recycle their mobile phone for a better deal may find mobile broadband is sometimes included in the bargain.

It is this type of connection that has increased in number throughout the European Union this past year, new statistics have shown.

InfoCom published results from its Broadband Monitoring Service and found that numbers reached over ten per cent in 2008 – a four percentage point rise.

However, accessing the web this way still only represents two per cent of the entire European market, the company stated.

Some 12.6 million people used mobile broadband during the year, which InfoCom said was due to price cuts, improved HDSPA coverage and flat-rate tariffs.

"Austria and Finland are the clear market leaders with a relatively high penetration rates compared to the other countries," it said.

3 is one of the networks that recently extended its product offering in this area. Mobile Wi-Fi is coming to the company’s customer base before this Christmas, it said.

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