Ministers in Whitehall are considering introducing a new smart ticketing system that would allow people to pay for bus and train journeys using their mobile phones.

The move is hardly a surprising one considering the popularity of contactless payment technologies and transport operators will meet with MPs next month to discuss the shift to mobile ticket purchases.

For consumers yet to recycle their mobile in favour of a new smartphone, a national contactless travel card could be introduced – similar to London’s Oyster Card.

Local transport minister Norman Baker, who supports the plans, told the Daily Telegraph: “I want to see passengers able to use one card [or phone] to pay for a tube journey in London, a bus trip in Bristol and a ride on the Metro in Newcastle.”

He added that the single ticketing system could even drive down the cost of public transport for travellers.

Recently, Orange and Stagecoach joined forces to run a new mobile phone travel payment trial called Quick Tap.

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